Because Time Matters

There have been many things said of the Segway PT. Opinions vary as much as people do. Yet, if you are in a crowd and needing help, chances are that either now or in the coming years, of those who will arrive first to help you, one will be on a StreetSmart Segway.  Public safety agencies recognize the unique demands that come with the presence of a lot of people.  Whether Police, EMS or Security, the main focus is safety for the masses and quick response when incidents occur and there is simply no better way to move through crowds carrying initial first-in equipment than on a StreetSmart Segway. We are conditioned to be aware of flashing lights and sirens and know what colors are associated with each specific area of public safety. It made sense then, for us to create similar warning devices for use on all StreetSmart Segway PTs.  The flashing lights and the siren alert folks to the presence of a need among them and can move out of the way for the approaching officer or medic. The lights then target the scene for backup response for any additional help that may be needed.  The Integrated Front Bag is large enough to carry any of the smaller AEDs and the side hard cases on the StreetSmart LifeLine carry StreetSmart Med Bags that contain life saving drugs and equipment. The StreetSmart Segway PT is designed to help those who will be helping you. Because when you or someone you care about needs help, you want it fast!
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