Carolina Police Department

Carolina, near San Juan is one of Puerto Rico’s most important tourist centers and the Carolina Police department covers much of the city. They work in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Police department who has island-wide jurisdiction. Due to the density of population the Carolina Police have most of their precincts in the northeastern metropolitan area. Among the many specialized units that the Carolina Police maintain to help protect and serve, is a highly motivated and well equipped Segway Team. To help patrol downtown, they utilize a combination of Segway PT i2 units for the streets and x2 units for the large beach area. When they recently added 3 new StreetSmart Police units to their fleet, we were there to provide a day of Certified Rider Training. With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces, the Segway PT was perfect for the traffic and crowds that are a regular occurrence. We rode through much of the city, along the beaches, the hotels, the shops and busy streets, gaining valuable experience for the officers. Thank you Carolina Police department for the professional manner in which you conduct yourself while being part of the Segway Team. It benefits us all!
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