Carolina Police Department

Carolina, near San Juan is one of Puerto Rico’s most important tourist centers and the Carolina Police department covers much of the city. They work in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Police department who has island-wide jurisdiction. Due to the density of population the Carolina Police have most of their precincts in the northeastern metropolitan area. Among the many specialized units that the Carolina Police maintain to help protect and serve, is a highly motivated and well equipped Segway Team. To help patrol downtown, they utilize a combination of Segway PT i2 units for the streets and x2 units for the large beach area. When they recently added 3 new StreetSmart Police units to their fleet, we were there to provide a day of Certified Rider Training. With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces, the Segway PT was perfect for the traffic and crowds that are a regular occurrence. We rode through much of the city, along the beaches, the hotels, the shops and busy streets, gaining valuable experience for the officers. Thank you Carolina Police department for the professional manner in which you conduct yourself while being part of the Segway Team. It benefits us all!
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Because Time Matters

There have been many things said of the Segway PT. Opinions vary as much as people do. Yet, if you are in a crowd and needing help, chances are that either now or in the coming years, of those who will arrive first to help you, one will be on a StreetSmart Segway.  Public safety agencies recognize the unique demands that come with the presence of a lot of people.  Whether Police, EMS or Security, the main focus is safety for the masses and quick response when incidents occur and there is simply no better way to move through crowds carrying initial first-in equipment than on a StreetSmart Segway. We are conditioned to be aware of flashing lights and sirens and know what colors are associated with each specific area of public safety. It made sense then, for us to create similar warning devices for use on all StreetSmart Segway PTs.  The flashing lights and the siren alert folks to the presence of a need among them and can move out of the way for the approaching officer or medic. The lights then target the scene for backup response for any additional help that may be needed.  The Integrated Front Bag is large enough to carry any of the smaller AEDs and the side hard cases on the StreetSmart LifeLine carry StreetSmart Med Bags that contain life saving drugs and equipment. The StreetSmart Segway PT is designed to help those who will be helping you. Because when you or someone you care about needs help, you want it fast!
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Universty of Utah

The University of Utah is a sprawling 1800 acre campus that houses two major hospitals, a top ranked cancer research institute and a student population of over 28,000 bringing the combined community total to almost 50,000 people. Chief Scott Folsom and his team of dedicated police and security officers are committed to maintaining the safety and security of all those who live, study, work, and visit the campus daily. They also have the added logistical element of extensive construction currently underway throughout much of the area. Utilizing StreetSmart Police and Security units help them maneuver across the various terrains and cover more ground in less time, especially in places that they couldn’t take their vehicles. The StreetSmart Segway PTs have also helped them with public relations as the influx of parents and students have come for orientation and a tour of the campus. As they ride above the crowd they are easily identifiable and the ability to maneuver in tight spaces makes them readily approachable and able to answer questions and direct people where they need to go. The added visibility of the officers increases awareness and deters unwanted student behavior. Thank you Chief, and your 15 StreetSmart Certified Riders who are working hard to protect and serve in such a diverse environment.
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Why Certified Training

We all know that perfect practice makes perfect and that proper training from day one works better than re-training at a later date. Otherwise, all we end up doing is practicing our mistakes and pave the way for habits that won’t meet our needs over time.  When it comes to utilizing a StreetSmart Segway PT and you have a duty to respond, your Segway Training needs be top notch.  Your concerns should be about the problems at hand, not your mode of transportation. You should be so comfortable on the Segway, that it becomes second nature to ride one.  Correct and proper Segway Training increases your ability and gets you a better end result and then the StreetSmart Segway becomes the great tool it was meant to be. Segway Certified Training was created to give you the knowledge, experience, and ability to meet your current needs and those over the long haul. Knowledge is power and experience is best teacher and Segway Certified Training gives you both.
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Camp Simcha

There is a place nestled in the beautiful hills of rural New York, where children and teens come to experience the wonders of summer camp in spite of being seriously ill with cancer or other debilitating chronic conditions… all tuition free. Even transportation to and from camp is provided by the sponsoring parent organization, Chai LifeLine. The medical accommodations and staff are amazing and include highly specialized doctors, nurses, therapists, and paramedics, all of whom donate their valuable time to this special place in behalf of the campers. We had the opportunity to donate some time of our own when Camp Simcha added two StreetSmart LifeLine x2 units as another way for paramedics to move around the sprawling grounds. Certified Rider Training enabled the medics to feel confident and comfortable utilizing the units on the sometimes uneven terrain and steep hills in camp. We rode over every possible location, both on and off road, where the medics might have need to respond. Thank you Camp Simcha, for the incredible service you provide for these children and their families in arming them with happy memories and a circle of support and friendship that will help them through the inevitable rough patches of living with such illnesses. We are honored to have been a small part of helping you this year. To catch a glimpse of what happens at Camp Simcha, view the inspiring video, STAND
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Pittsburgh Marathon – May 1st and 2nd 2010

Every so often, we have the opportunity to participate with a city in a trial demonstration deploying StreetSmart units during a major event. Such was the case this month when the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation paved the way for StreetSmart to participate with Pittsburgh EMS in covering the Pittsburgh Marathon. Communication to coordinate these types of events is essential, and those involved were exceptional at preparing things for our arrival. Paramedics were chosen by suggested parameters and put through StreetSmart Certified Rider Training. We rode that amazing City of Bridges during the training day and then along the race course on May 1st for the Children’s Marathon and then again for the main event on May 2nd. The StreetSmart LifeLine in the hands of such great paramedics was a welcomed addition to the city’s response plans. Even in the steadily falling rain, the Segway Team was actively responding and attending to the needs of the public. Thank you SCA Foundation and Pittsburgh EMS for the wonderful and very successful experience! Visit our Facebook page to see some photos and videos from the event, and while you’re there, become a fan!
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How Green are Segways?

Have you ever wondered just how green you could go with a Segway PT? Here are a couple of fun comparisons for you that show just how energy efficient a Segway really is. According to research done by Segway, Inc. and using an average suburban electricity cost of $0.08 per kilowatt hour, it costs about $0.08 to charge a Segway. An average electric golf cart with a range of roughly 25 miles costs about $0.77 to charge. A Segway i2 has an average range of 20 miles on a full charge. This means that you can charge the Segway about 9.625 times for the same amount that you pay to charge a golf cart once. Or, for the same amount of electricity, you can go 25 miles in a golf cart or 192 miles on a Segway i2. So how do you save your energy on those long hot days? Well, the average 180 pound man burns about 100 calories per mile walking at a moderate speed of 3 MPH. If he were to have a Big Mac for lunch we could consult the Big Mac Index and figure out that from the number of calories in a Big Mac and the cost of a Big Mac, it would cost that man $0.55 for the calories he would burn walking a mile. It only costs $0.004 per mile to ride a Segway i2. That’s over 137 times more efficient than walking! That’s a lot of energy saved over the course of a shift… in the heat… going uphill… You get the idea.
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Unified fire Authority

Educating and serving the public is so important to Unified Fire Authority that every medic on their Event Team is hand-picked for not only their medical skills but also for their ability to work well as an integral part of community events. Paramedic and Event Coordinator, Jared Norton, and all his team of Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Riders are enthusiastic and enjoy the interaction as they cover 6 cities and the unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County during city festivals and outdoor gatherings with their StreetSmart™ LifeLine® units. As they maneuver through the crowds they find it easier to spot situations where their help is needed thus allowing a more rapid response to patient care. Thank you Jared and the UFA Event Team as you serve, educate, and respond with kindness and professionalism to the needs of the public and for being a part of the StreetSmart Community!
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New StreetSmart Segway Website

As StreetSmart™ Segway grows, we have identified the need to update and expand our web presence. Our new website is designed to give our Dealer Network and Training Instructors the information they need, when they need it. Since it is devoted solely to the StreetSmart™ line of products and services, we have expanded the content to include more details about all things StreetSmart™. The Segway of Utah website still remains a viable source for both Segway and StreetSmart™ customers. The new StreetSmart™ Segway website is planned to go live the week of Monday, March 8th. Visit us at
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Princeton Junction

Princeton Junction in New Jersey is the busiest train station on the NE corridor. Close to 4000 people each day utilize the available parking lots that are connected by roads and pedestrian tunnels. This sprawling area is managed by the West Windsor Parking Authority with a group of people committed to a level of excellence in response to their customer’s needs. Among them are Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Hank Hillman and his Segway StreetSmart™ ParkSmart® unit which affords him greater flexibility for moving between vehicles and allows him to travel between lots using the tunnels instead of congested streets. This ease of maneuverability also brings Hank closer to the public and the type of interaction that lets him provide better customer service. Thank you, Hank and WWPA, for your dedication to excellence and for being part of the StreetSmart™ community!
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