Utah Transit Authority

Policing a growing number of transit vehicles and facilities poses some unique opportunities and challenges. Such is the case for the Transit Police, as the Utah Transit Authority continues to expand and connect communities. However, Chief Ross Larsen and his Certified StreetSmart™ Trained officers are up to the task. They utilize Segway® StreetSmart™ Police units to help them break down the barriers that can sometimes occur between police and the public. This personal interaction helps them identify some of the problems and concerns of the citizens in their community and offers an added measure of protection for commuters. Thank you, UTA Transit Police, for your professional and kind response to the needs of the public and for representing the StreetSmart™ community so well!
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Glendale, Arizona EMS

Glendale, Arizona, is home to the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Arizona Cardinals. Covering home game days for the top ranked NFL team is the responsibility of Division Manager and Paramedic, Scott Saxman, and his team of EMS personnel utilizing Segway StreetSmart™ LifeLine® units. These are used extensively around the stadium and throughout nearby Westgate City Center where fans flood the area. Scott and all of his team are Certified StreetSmart™ Trained riders and do an excellent job of providing safe, quick and appropriate response to the needs of the public. Thank you, Glendale Fire Special Events EMS Response Team, for representing not only your department, but the StreetSmart™ community so well!
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