StreetSmart Components

When you have a Duty to Respond, it’s important that you make your presence known. StreetSmart helps you do that with Light Bars and an Integrated Front Bag with siren and department specific colored lights. The high intensity white front driving lights and the rear flashing red tail lights help keep you safe and visible in the dark. Utilizing professional quality Whelen® lights, these components make a real difference in helping you do your job while on a Segway PT. For departments that typically run lights for hours at a time, you’ll like knowing that our Lithium-iron StreetSmart Batteries will power all of your components for a full 6 hours on a single charge.

Need to carry cargo or medical supplies? The StreetSmart Soft Side Cargo Bag with it’s pockets and adjustable inside divider, was specifically designed for the needs of patrolling officers. Our LifeLine Med Bags have incredible versatility and allows you to organize and carry ALS equipment right to the patient. And since both Med Bags and Cargo Bags are made from waterproof material, its one less thing for you to worry about in bad weather.

To make things even easier, StreetSmart has created an extremely compact Remote Control System for managing all the lights and siren from a single controller mounted on the handle bar or attached to a key fob. The encrypted wireless signal gives you superior security while the long range transmitter allows you to engage the lights or siren even if you step away from your Segway.


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