How Green are Segways?

Have you ever wondered just how green you could go with a Segway PT? Here are a couple of fun comparisons for you that show just how energy efficient a Segway really is. According to research done by Segway, Inc. and using an average suburban electricity cost of $0.08 per kilowatt hour, it costs about $0.08 to charge a Segway. An average electric golf cart with a range of roughly 25 miles costs about $0.77 to charge. A Segway i2 has an average range of 20 miles on a full charge. This means that you can charge the Segway about 9.625 times for the same amount that you pay to charge a golf cart once. Or, for the same amount of electricity, you can go 25 miles in a golf cart or 192 miles on a Segway i2. So how do you save your energy on those long hot days? Well, the average 180 pound man burns about 100 calories per mile walking at a moderate speed of 3 MPH. If he were to have a Big Mac for lunch we could consult the Big Mac Index and figure out that from the number of calories in a Big Mac and the cost of a Big Mac, it would cost that man $0.55 for the calories he would burn walking a mile. It only costs $0.004 per mile to ride a Segway i2. That’s over 137 times more efficient than walking! That’s a lot of energy saved over the course of a shift… in the heat… going uphill… You get the idea.
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