Princeton Junction

Princeton Junction in New Jersey is the busiest train station on the NE corridor. Close to 4000 people each day utilize the available parking lots that are connected by roads and pedestrian tunnels. This sprawling area is managed by the West Windsor Parking Authority with a group of people committed to a level of excellence in response to their customer’s needs. Among them are Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Hank Hillman and his Segway StreetSmart™ ParkSmart® unit which affords him greater flexibility for moving between vehicles and allows him to travel between lots using the tunnels instead of congested streets. This ease of maneuverability also brings Hank closer to the public and the type of interaction that lets him provide better customer service. Thank you, Hank and WWPA, for your dedication to excellence and for being part of the StreetSmart™ community!
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