StreetSmart Certified Training


Why StreetSmart Training?

We all know that in a stressful situation or when our attention is drawn to a public need, we automatically revert to what we’ve been taught and how we have practiced. Those who are riding a Segway PT while also entrusted with the duty to respond must be highly proficient and effective in their knowledge and skill of the Segway so they can concentrate on the situations at hand. Riding safely is a must! The StreetSmart Training Program supports these principles through extensive understanding, maneuvers, and safety information of the Segway PT, plus in-depth risk management and liability issues related to operations in public safety. Riding is taught and practiced in areas, venues, and situations where the Segway PT will be deployed.
Teaching concepts and leading by example, each Certified Instructor is committed to living by the StreetSmart Training Instructor’s Creed: ten points that ensure continuing success.
“I highly recommend StreetSmart Training to any agency or business that has a desire to train their personnel to ride the Segway in a SAFE and efficient manner.”
Sergeant Carlos Lorenzo Orlando Police Department Orlando International Airport TAC Squad Supervisor


To help protect your department and maintain integrity of the program, each phase of training is documented in writing by both the student and the Instructor. A complete copy is given to your department for employee training files plus we keep a backup copy in our database along with copies of each person’s Certificate of Certification. A Training Report is generated for each class or individual and sent to your department’s officer in charge of training. This one page master copy helps you keep track of all your Certified Riders in a single place. We also keep you informed of any upcoming needed recertification. A copy of each page requiring a signature is also included in the Student Booklet and Instructor Binder for future reference.

Certification Levels

There are currently two levels of StreetSmart Certification: Certified Rider and Certified Instructor. The Certified Rider Class is an 8 hour class beginning with classroom instruction and initial Segway PT orientation and technical information including InfoKey programming. It incorporates a 3 hour ride time with drills and maneuvers that focus on control in a wide variety of terrains and circumstances. Students also learn a basic service knowledge of the overall unit as well as battery and tire maintence. The 2-day Instructor Course is designed to train qualified individuals as authorized Certified StreetSmart Training Instructors. It will increase both knowledge and skill when utilizing the Segway PT with strong emphasis on risk management concepts, enhanced awareness of rider ability, and specific teaching methods to help communicate this knowledge to others. Those who complete the course will be allowed to train and certify others as Certified Riders.
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