Unified fire Authority

Educating and serving the public is so important to Unified Fire Authority that every medic on their Event Team is hand-picked for not only their medical skills but also for their ability to work well as an integral part of community events. Paramedic and Event Coordinator, Jared Norton, and all his team of Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Riders are enthusiastic and enjoy the interaction as they cover 6 cities and the unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County during city festivals and outdoor gatherings with their StreetSmart™ LifeLine® units. As they maneuver through the crowds they find it easier to spot situations where their help is needed thus allowing a more rapid response to patient care. Thank you Jared and the UFA Event Team as you serve, educate, and respond with kindness and professionalism to the needs of the public and for being a part of the StreetSmart Community!
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