Why Certified Training

We all know that perfect practice makes perfect and that proper training from day one works better than re-training at a later date. Otherwise, all we end up doing is practicing our mistakes and pave the way for habits that won’t meet our needs over time.  When it comes to utilizing a StreetSmart Segway PT and you have a duty to respond, your Segway Training needs be top notch.  Your concerns should be about the problems at hand, not your mode of transportation. You should be so comfortable on the Segway, that it becomes second nature to ride one.  Correct and proper Segway Training increases your ability and gets you a better end result and then the StreetSmart Segway becomes the great tool it was meant to be. Segway Certified Training was created to give you the knowledge, experience, and ability to meet your current needs and those over the long haul. Knowledge is power and experience is best teacher and Segway Certified Training gives you both.
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