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Where We Are Now

Training as a priority

From the very beginning of StreetSmart, we have recognized the importance of a training program that was created with the unique demands of the public safety sector. Those who are riding a Segway PT while also entrusted with the duty to respond must be familiar enough with the unit that they are able to utilize it safely and effectively as part of their jobs.

The StreetSmart Training program is the columniation of years of experience in national risk management implementation, public safety training, and Segway expertise. This program covers extensive understanding, maneuvers and safety information of the Segway PT, plus in-depth risk management and liability issues related to operations in public safety. Riding is done in local areas, venues, and situations where the Segway PT will be deployed.

StreetSmart Training is offered on a national level through highly qualified Instructors. This global approach enables Standardized Training which has been a recognized need by Chiefs, Captains, and Risk Managers across a wide range of regions and departments.

Tips and Reminders

The Segway PT is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Prior to deployment, make sure it is clean, all parts are installed and functioning properly, and batteries are fully charged.

Before EVERY deployment, you should be checking these things:

LeanSteer Frame is straight and centered and tight
Handlebar clamp and accessory bar is not loose
Tire pressure is at 15 psi for i2 or 4 psi for x2
Check for wheel wobble
Fenders are free of debris
Mats are seated properly

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Educating and serving the public is so important to Unified Fire Authority that every medic on their Event Team is hand-picked for not only their medical skills but also for their ability to work well as an integral part of community events. Paramedic and Event Coordinator, Jared Norton, and all his team of Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Riders are enthusiastic and enjoy the interaction as they cover 6 cities and the unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County during city festivals and outdoor gatherings with their StreetSmart™ LifeLine® units. As they maneuver through the crowds they find it easier to spot situations where their help is needed thus allowing a more rapid response to patient care.

Thank you Jared and the UFA Event Team as you serve, educate, and respond with kindness and professionalism to the needs of the public and for being a part of the StreetSmart Community!