Where We Are Now

People look for us in a variety of locations wanting more information on StreetSmart units. Social Media has certainly become a major player in this exchange of information. As you know, there are a lot of videos about Segway PTs circulating on the web and we figured it was time to share our StreetSmart Product Videos and those we've shot while training, on YouTube. These represent what departments all across the United States strive to accomplish with proper training as a primary focus. Let's all share the good things that utilizing a StreetSmart Segway can do!

Tips and Reminders

Rider Detection Sensors

The Segway PT has four sensors located beneath the Mats (two on each side, under your toes and heals). Rider Detect Sensors detect the presence or absence of a rider while the Segway PT is powered on.

When your feet are properly positioned on the Mats, all four Rider Detect Sensors depress, allowing the Segway PT to operate in Balance Mode
If fewer than three Rider Detect sensors are depressed while riding, the Segway PT reduces the top speed limit regardless of whether the beginner setting is enabled or not
If the Segway PT is moved too quickly while in Balance Mode and none of the Rider Detect Sensors are depressed, the Segway PT will give a Stick Shake Warning, exit Balance Mode and transition to Standby Mode
As a safety precaution, as long as the Rider Detect Sensors are depressed, the Power Button, Security Button, and Beginner Button do not function as such
Never place anything on the Mats, except your feet

End-of-Summer Used Unit Sale

Due to our large and extensive fleet of Segway PTs that we use for training, tradeshow demonstrations and local rentals, we have at the end of every summer a variety of used units and accessories for sale; several of which are under warranty until December 22, 2010. Every unit must pass our detailed Service and Repair checklist before it leaves our location and a copy accompanies the Segway PT. Prices vary according to miles and condition. Call our office toll free at 866-9-SEGWAY or email info@streetsmartsegway.com for more information.

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

The University of Utah is a sprawling 1800 acre campus that houses two major hospitals, a top ranked cancer research institute and a student population of over 28,000 bringing the combined community total to almost 50,000 people. Chief Scott Folsom and his team of dedicated police and security officers are committed to maintaining the safety and security of all those who live, study, work, and visit the campus daily. They also have the added logistical element of extensive construction currently underway throughout much of the area. Utilizing StreetSmart Police and Security units help them maneuver across the various terrains and cover more ground in less time, especially in places that they couldn't take their vehicles.

The StreetSmart Segway PTs have also helped them with public relations as the influx of parents and students have come for orientation and a tour of the campus. As they ride above the crowd they are easily identifiable and the ability to maneuver in tight spaces makes them readily approachable and able to answer questions and direct people where they need to go. The added visibility of the officers increases awareness and deters unwanted student behavior.

Thank you Chief, and your 15 StreetSmart Certified Riders who are working hard to protect and serve in such a diverse environment.