Who we are

StreetSmart™ is a series of accessories for Segway PT's specifically designed and created for EMS, Police, Security, and Parking coupled with Certified Training for a system that works in the real world.

We have created high standards due to the fact that we deal solely with those in public safety thus we have raised the bar where the Segway is concerned. We are deeply entwined with principles of complete and competent risk management and superior customer service. These are the very lifeblood of our company.

We are committed to helping you become as successful as possible as you implement StreetSmart™ Segway units into your department. We will be here to teach, train and support you every step of the way. It is the combined experience of all the StreetSmart™ users that makes this program better together than we ever could alone.

Tips and Reminders:

As we approach winter, now is a good time to review the temperature range and appropriate care of the Segway Lithium-ion Battery.

When operating or charging, the batteries need to be in temperatures above 14 (-10C)
Remember the colder the temperature, the more drain on the battery, significantly reducing usable mileage
Minimum temperature for storage and transport is -4F (-20C)
Remember to keep your extra batteries warm and fully charged so they are ready when you need them
When swapping out batteries, make sure you are doing so out of the wind, rain or snow. Always protect the charge port and environmental seal
Make sure you tighten the center-most fastener first, followed by the outside center, then either side. This assures the proper sealing of that important environmental seal

WELCOME to the newest members of the StreetSmart™ Community.

University of Utah Police Department
Riviera Beach Florida Fire Rescue

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Glendale, Arizona, is home to the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Arizona Cardinals. Covering home game days for the top ranked NFL team is the responsibility of Division Manager and Paramedic, Scott Saxman, and his team of EMS personnel utilizing Segway StreetSmart™ LifeLine® units. These are used extensively around the stadium and throughout nearby Westgate City Center where fans flood the area. Scott and all of his team are Certified StreetSmart™ Trained riders and do an excellent job of providing safe, quick and appropriate response to the needs of the public.

Thank you, Glendale Fire Special Events EMS Response Team, for representing not only your department, but the StreetSmart™ community so well!

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