Where We Are Now

As the StreetSmart™ community of users grow, so does the need for dealers close to home who can provide the excellent customer service, training, and support all agencies who utilize StreetSmart™ Segways have come to depend on. We welcome Segway of Scottsdale in Arizona and Segway of Puerto Rico to the network. With them on board, our combined experience level has increased to offer even better solutions for those in public safety.

We are currently experiencing an increased interest in several areas of the world and are excited at the possibilities these new locations could bring to us all. We are very much looking forward to new friends and greater strength.

Tips and Reminders

The InfoKey™ is a vital part of every Segway. Remembering how it functions will free you to concentrate on your job at hand and allow it to be the tool it was designed to be.

The InfoKey must be within 15' in order to communicate with your Segway
The Security Button, Power Button and Beginner Button will only function as such when a rider is not on the unit
When standing on the unit, press and hold the Beginner Button to turn on the backlight
To switch from Balance Mode to Standby Mode, tap the power button
To see how many miles you have traveled and what your average speed is, don't forget to reset those at the beginning of your shift
When the unit is in Standby Mode, it will automatically shut off after 15 minutes
When in Security Mode, the auto-off feature is disabled. It will remain locked until you press the Security Button again, or until you run out of battery
If you are unable to travel at higher speeds and you are not in Beginner Mode, your programmed speed has inadvertently been changed and will need to be reset
Never transport the Segway with the InfoKey on the unit

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Princeton Junction in New Jersey is the busiest train station on the NE corridor. Close to 4000 people each day utilize the available parking lots that are connected by roads and pedestrian tunnels. This sprawling area is managed by the West Windsor Parking Authority with a group of people committed to a level of excellence in response to their customer's needs. Among them are Certified StreetSmart™ Trained Hank Hillman and his Segway StreetSmart™ ParkSmart® unit which affords him greater flexibility for moving between vehicles and allows him to travel between lots using the tunnels instead of congested streets. This ease of maneuverability also brings Hank closer to the public and the type of interaction that lets him provide better customer service.

Thank you, Hank and WWPA, for your dedication to excellence and for being part of the StreetSmart™ community!