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As the StreetSmart™ community grows, so does the desire to share experiences and insight, pictures and ideas: a central place through which we can all connect. Our page on Facebook will also give better accessibility to those researching the possibilities of implementing Segway® StreetSmart™ units in their own departments and give us all a chance to disseminate correct information.

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Tips and Reminders

January is a good time to go over your Preventive Maintenance Program. Hopefully, you are using your StreetSmart™ Deployment Forms to help you quickly identify any possible situations that require your attention.
If you are deploying your units weekly, you should be implementing your PM program, at the very minimum, every 3 months. Otherwise, every 6 months, is recommended.

Your PM program should include:

Check and tighten all fasteners and screws to torque specifications. Don't forget those on the hard case bracket.
Make sure the environmental seals on the Lithium-Ion batteries and battery fasteners are intact.
Check voltage on all batteries. This will help you find the usage pattern for your team and assist in budget projections for replacement costs.
Replace Info Key battery
Tires have sufficient tread and are able to hold recommended tire pressure.
No debris between fenders and tires.
Comfort Mats do not have any rips or tears and are able to stay tucked into the Segway base.
Segway plug-in port cover is able to stay closed.
StreetSmart charge ports are open and clean.
All electrical cords and wiring are intact and no cracked or missing insulation or exposed wires.
All lights and sirens are functioning properly.
Replace any broken, missing or torn parts, including sticker graphics.

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Policing a growing number of transit vehicles and facilities poses some unique opportunities and challenges. Such is the case for the Transit Police, as the Utah Transit Authority continues to expand and connect communities. However, Chief Ross Larsen and his Certified StreetSmart™ Trained officers are up to the task. They utilize Segway® StreetSmart™ Police units to help them break down the barriers that can sometimes occur between police and the public. This personal interaction helps them identify some of the problems and concerns of the citizens in their community and offers an added measure of protection for commuters.

Thank you, UTA Transit Police, for your professional and kind response to the needs of the public and for representing the StreetSmart™ community so well!

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