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Where We Are Now

As the StreetSmart community grows, so does its collective reasoning and problem solving ability. Many of you have devised ways of doing things that could benefit new Segway teams. Some of you may have a need that has already been solved by a team hundreds of miles away and could save you valuable time if only you were aware of them. We hope to provide a forum for connecting people and addressing possible issues. This month we are sharing with you a success from a well established team. If you have an idea, or a need of your own, please share it with the StreetSmart community. Email StreetSmart Newsletter with your questions or solutions. Don't forget to send pictures!

Tips and Reminders

Battery Storage, Charging, and Transport System

This great idea comes from the Philadelphia Fire Department Special Event Response Team (SERT), who of necessity finds creative ways to stay organized in order to keep up with their extremely busy summer season.


This hard case houses one set of extra batteries, an off-board charger with spare cord for plugging in on location, and the 3mm tool for swapping out batteries. Here are some of the specifics:

Each case is numbered to correspond with a specific Segway PT. The case pictured and its contents would only be used for Segway #6
The batteries are paired and numbered. The picture shows that this is set A for Segway #6. Set B would be on the Segway itself.
The charger cord and 3mm tool are also numbered
The off-board charger is attached to the lid with screws using the mounting brackets provided. The rubber feet on the charger ensure that airflow is circulating and the charger does not overheat
When not in use on an event, the cases are on shelves in numerical order with the lid open, the charger plugged in, and the batteries charging
As a StreetSmart LifeLine unit gets deployed, the case goes with it

Remember to ALWAYS keep your batteries in pairs
Torque battery fasteners to 1.6 N-m (14 in-lb)

StreetSmart Poll

What is the highest mileage on one of your Segway PTs?
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StreetSmart™ Spotlight

There is a place nestled in the beautiful hills of rural New York, where children and teens come to experience the wonders of summer camp in spite of being seriously ill with cancer or other debilitating chronic conditions... all tuition free. Even transportation to and from camp is provided by the sponsoring parent organization, Chai LifeLine. The medical accommodations and staff are amazing and include highly specialized doctors, nurses, therapists, and paramedics, all of whom donate their valuable time to this special place in behalf of the campers.

We had the opportunity to donate some time of our own when Camp Simcha added two StreetSmart LifeLine x2 units as another way for paramedics to move around the sprawling grounds. Certified Rider Training enabled the medics to feel confident and comfortable utilizing the units on the sometimes uneven terrain and steep hills in camp. We rode over every possible location, both on and off road, where the medics might have need to respond.

Thank you Camp Simcha, for the incredible service you provide for these children and their families in arming them with happy memories and a circle of support and friendship that will help them through the inevitable rough patches of living with such illnesses. We are honored to have been a small part of helping you this year.

To catch a glimpse of what happens at Camp Simcha, view the inspiring video, STAND