Where We Are Now

Utilizing a Segway PT in public safety isn't really a question of validity anymore. They have more than proven their worth and effectiveness. What we do find are the many departments that are convinced of their value as a great tool but are lacking in funding to complete the plan of implementation.

We are pleased to announce that StreetSmart Segway has contracted with EMS Grants Help to provide grant assistance for your department in acquiring StreetSmart LifeLine units. Fill out the Direct Request Assistance Form and receive information on grants which are currently open in your area.

Segway Inc. has provided the grant assistance for police departments through Police Grants Help.

Tips and Reminders

We often get asked how other departments transport their units so this month we are sharing a photo gallery of a great and fully functional trailer. With Chief Ross Larsen's vision and the project management skills of Sgt. Alex Blauer, the Utah Transit Authority Police have designed this trailer to transport their units in safety and in style. It will be used to tactically deploy the units for events and also to attend numerous PR functions.

The Segway PTs are secured by a D-ring and carabineer bungee cord system that was devised by Sgt. Blauer and Officer Erik Simpson. The aluminum diamond pattern is a bumper plate, the floor has a small wheel chock system for added stability, and the ramp is half tile and half traction paint. Click on a thumbnail below to go to the image gallery.


Remember to ALWAYS power off your units when transporting.

An Important Change

Last year, during one of my visits to the Philadelphia Fire Department Warehouse, I was speaking with Captain Ray McCahery and his right-hand logistics man Steve McCloskey, about some specific needs of their Special Event Response Team (SERT) members. They are the busiest team that I am aware of and I was looking for more ways that I could help support them in the ongoing training of such a large group of people. One of the ideas that came from that conversation was the concept of this newsletter: a monthly reminder of unit information and rider safety tips.

We expanded on that idea and have given you not just tips and reminders, but a glimpse of other teams and places that are utilizing Segway PTs, and have kept you informed of important changes that might affect you.

We are pleased to announce that our training has become the only official training program recognized and endorsed by Segway Inc. and have changed the program name to Segway Training. Because this newsletter, by inception and design, was created primarily to enhance our training program, beginning next month this too, will be changed to Segway Training. We'll still have the same great content and you'll get to know even more teams in the Segway community.

Come visit our new website, Segway Training and be a part of us on our new Facebook page.