Where We Are Now

The tragic loss of Segway Inc owner, Jimi Heselden, has prompted many to speculate on how and why such a thing could happen... questions that may not ever be answered. What we do know is that Jimi was a complete Segway enthusiast who believed in the product so much that he purchased the company when the opportunity arose. He was so sure of the unit's safety that he recently donated 1000 Segway PTs to help injured US veterans become more mobile.

We want you to know that we believe in these things too and we will continue to move forward as planned. The support of your departments is ever in the forefront of our mind and our first priority. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for your success.

Tips and Reminders

Winter storms are fast approaching and riding in them brings dirty Segway PTs. Here are some important reminders when cleaning:

Make sure the Segway PT is unplugged and powered off
Make sure the charge port is covered and kept dry
Rinse with plain water
Do not submerge the Segway PT
Do not use a power wash or high pressure hose to clean the Segway PT. Use of these devices could force water into components that must remain dry
Don't forget to check the fenders for trapped leaves and debris

Segway PTs may be decontaminated when necessary as long as you follow the above procedures.

Leasing solutions now available

Segway Inc. is offering municipalities, federal agencies and security organizations that are interested in acquiring Segway PTs low payment leasing options.

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Every state in America has at least one specialized National Guard team that responds to any chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear threat. Officially, they are known as Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Teams and through the chain of command are ultimately answerable to the Governor. Many times they work hand-in-hand with local fire departments, which typically are first on scene. LTC Tyler Smith, commander of the 85th WMD-CST, decided the unit needed a faster, better way to run equipment back and forth from command to the hazardous zone and to continually monitor the perimeter - all without using up valuable oxygen which lessens the time they can spend in their suits. When he came to us wanting to try out the Segway PT, he expressed the need for an accessory that did not yet exist. With the unit's needs in mind, we created the StreetSmart Tray, with 11 wide angle white lights that facilitate getting into dark places like tunnels or warehouses when electricity is off, and it is capable of carrying all necessary equipment.

They have now used the Segway PTs in several training exercises and have proven that they can drastically reduce the time it takes to control and neutralize a dangerous situation, thus increasing the effectiveness of their team.

Thank you 85th WMD-CST for your dedication to public protection. We are so very grateful you are ready to keep us safe.