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As departments, agencies, and companies consider the use of Segway PTs as another tool to help them do their jobs, the subject of proper training is always part of the discussion... and it should be. Those who are riding a Segway PT while also entrusted with the duty to respond must be familiar enough with the unit that they are able to utilize it safely and effectively under a myriad of conditions and situations. We want to be more involved with those discussions and have created the StreetSmart Segway blog as another means for that to happen. We will be exploring the value and need of this all important element of Segway PT utilization. Come join the conversation!

Tips and Reminders

Waterproofing the StreetSmart Integrated Front Bag

We are rapidly approaching the winter months and for many of us, that means rain. After being caught for hours in a downpour during the Pittsburgh Marathon and finding the contents of the front bags a bit too damp, we decided to try an experiment. Here are the details:

We masked off the hard shell and electronics and applied a liberal coat of Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent to the nylon back of a StreetSmart Integrated Front Bag
After waiting the recommended 48 hours for the water repellent to dry, we filled the treated front bag and a second untreated bag with newspaper
We then placed the bags side by side and hosed them down
It was immediately obvious that the treated bag was repelling the water, while the untreated bag seemed to be soaking it into the nylon fabric
Next we opened the two front bags to inspect the newspaper inside. The newspaper in the treated bag remained dry while the newspaper in the untreated bag was noticeably damp

Grant Assistance

Police Departments interested in obtaining Segway PTs through grant funding can now request grant assistance by submitting the Direct Assistance Request Form. This funding is available for all Segway PT units including the StreetSmart Police.

StreetSmart™ Spotlight

Carolina, near San Juan is one of Puerto Rico's most important tourist centers and the Carolina Police department covers much of the city. They work in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Police department who has island-wide jurisdiction. Due to the density of population the Carolina Police have most of their precincts in the northeastern metropolitan area. Among the many specialized units that the Carolina Police maintain to help protect and serve, is a highly motivated and well equipped Segway Team. To help patrol downtown, they utilize a combination of Segway PT i2 units for the streets and x2 units for the large beach area. When they recently added 3 new StreetSmart Police units to their fleet, we were there to provide a day of Certified Rider Training. With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces, the Segway PT was perfect for the traffic and crowds that are a regular occurrence. We rode through much of the city, along the beaches, the hotels, the shops and busy streets, gaining valuable experience for the officers.

Thank you Carolina Police department for the professional manner in which you conduct yourself while being part of the Segway Team. It benefits us all!