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Where We Are Now

As the Segway community grows to include being the world leader in RMP (Robotic Mobility Platform) products plus this year's goal of elevating electric motorsports and personal transportation by being the title sponsor for MotoCzysz Racing, we wanted to zero in on the specifics of what our focus was in regards to all things Segway, so we modified our name and logo to better state just what we do. You'll still find us at www.segwaytraining.com and if you haven't visited us in awhile, come take a look at a our Fast Track Solution, a new feature of the Segway Public Safety Training Program designed to be both cost effective and a sustainable approach to certified training.

Tips and Reminders

The wedge clamps and fastener for the LeanSteer Frame are important components of the Segway PT. Correct positioning and tightening is essential to rider safety. As the following pictures depict, the wedge clamps need to be installed curved side facing down, on either side of the LeanSteer Frame Pivot Base Assembly. If either side of the wedge is misaligned and not seated evenly on the LeanSteer base, there is a risk of it suddenly shifting position and having the LeanSteer become loose and unwieldy.

Always make sure that the LeanSteer Frame is centered and tight.
Torque to 11.0 N-m (8.1 ft-lbf)

Remember that if you hear a "clicking" or "popping" sound while riding, you must step off the unit, power it off, and perform a LeanSteer Frame adjustment.

Navigating Terrain

Those utilizing a Segway PT in the public safety sector must be able to ride over various terrains and in a myriad of situations. One cannot orchestrate the conditions of a call. The best riders understand that control is far better than speed and recognize that the Segway PT will not perform the same for all riders or in all conditions. Knowing your specific limitations is an important aspect of being a Certified Rider.

The Segway PT is designed to compensate for uneven terrain. When riding straight on uneven terrain, remember to keep the LeanSteer Frame vertical. Point the LeanSteer Frame in the direction you want to move and allow the Powerbase to follow the contour of the ground. Never allow the Segway PT to become airborne, even for short periods of time, because the Segway PT has no traction when airborne and you could lose control upon landing. ALWAYS use caution when traveling over any terrain change.