This month begins the 2011 Patrolling Across America Program, where Jamie Marsh from Segway Inc. heads out on a nationwide tour to educate and train police departments throughout the United States. Qualified departments will receive 2 Segway Patrollers for 2 weeks, free of charge! If your department is interested in having Jamie come to your city, please fill out the request form for consideration into the program.

You can follow Jamie's progress on Patrolling Across America, Facebook, and YouTube.

Tips and Reminders

After months of winter weather, teams are beginning to prepare their Segway PTs for the coming season.

In some uncommon instances, after prolonged periods of storage, an aberration occurs with the InfoKey battery level display. When this happens, the InfoKey indicates that the batteries are only at 3 or 4 bars instead of the full eight even though it has been plugged in and charging the entire time.

The fix to this problem is simple, albeit possibly a bit inconvenient:

Power on the Segway PT, place in balance mode, and lean it against a wall or other stable object in a secure location
Make sure the InfoKey remains within 15 feet of the unit during this entire process
Allow the batteries to run out completely and the unit to power down on its own. With a fully charged battery, this can take up to 24-48 hours, if you don't help the process by riding the unit. When the battery level reaches 2 bars, do not ride the Segway PT any longer.
Once the Segway PT powers down on its own due to battery depletion, plug it in and allow it to charge for 12 hours
Once the charging process is complete, the InfoKey will be recalibrated with the unit

Remember to verify that the charge port, power cord and AC power outlet are clean, dry, and free of debris.


A core component of the Segway Training program is the philosophy that policies and procedures only work if they are founded on and communicated through powerful concepts and then managed and followed appropriately. In the public safety sector, an important concept to understand is that personal success often depends on the success of others and to be effective on the job, one must learn how to function and think as a team. Advancement may be directly related to this ability and in some cases might literally mean the difference between life and death of a partner or a patient.

In a broad sense, we see this principle manifest itself in the Segway community as a whole, when one department helps another though they are separated by hundreds of miles. We often receive calls from chiefs or captains who have been watching and scrutinizing neighboring Segway teams before deciding to implement a team of their own. Obviously, those watched teams have performed well in their coordinated effort to serve their community and help one another.

We want to thank you for your dedication to excellence and for living by a higher code of conduct. We all benefit from our combined commitment and experience and we see the incredible result of being better together than we ever could be alone. It has proven true that with powerful concepts, correct principles and proper training, Together Everyone Achieves More.